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Tuesday, August 07, 2007


get me bodies beyonce gives fab fashion at her show.
this is tina knowles' child. she looks every inch like her momma - or a drag queen -take your pic.
b in nyc on her way to a dinner post concert.

the rest of the world wants to call it a concert - but here at the blayreport, we recognize sunday night's beyonce concert at madison square garden for what it was: a fashion show with loud music and a big band. that's just the vibe mrs. jay was giving this past weekend when she belted out hits like "ring the alarm," "upgrade you," and "freakum dress." according to the new york post the performance was horrible and the concert was a bust. but if they are looking at the clothes like we were they would know the truth: this was the best fashion show ever!

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ceecee said...

hi first time on your blog...loving it and the fact you're a fellow west african sister :) keep on doing your thing and you've got a regular reader in me!

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