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Wednesday, August 01, 2007


so if they keep churning out bags like these, coach is sure to reach their goal. (

so am i the only one who remembers when coach was totally wack!? everybody and anybody had those $20 knockoff coach belts, and the monogram bags. and as you know, when a brand ceases to be exclusive, it ceases to be exciting. well those days are no more! just reported that coach has announced a 36.5 percent jump in fourth quarter profits. such high numbers set them firmly on track to achieve their new goal: a volume of $5 billion by 2012. coach chairman and c.e.o, lew frankfort is quoted in as saying, "We're pacing ourselves. We have a blueprint to double our volume to $5 billion over four to five years," they are not far. according to the site, their current volume is $2.61 billion.

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