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Thursday, August 16, 2007


this photo dates back to 1961 when nancy and ronald were vacaying. even back then her style and grooming were fly.

this pink and red getup is perfectly girly and perfectly perfect for the red room, where nancy posed for this pic in 1981.

this long, sparkly gown is a classic nancy reagan piece. here she is posing with her boo, ronald.

most of you reading this blog are eighties babies (as am i blaynista's) so you may not be familiar with the nancy reagan. but this former first lady was legendary for her snobbishness and her style. in her heyday she wore the best of the best from oscar de larenta to geoffrey beene - and each piece was perfectly cut, tailored and styled. she is finally getting her due with a retrospective of 75 of her pieces this november. diane von furstenberg will act as master of ceremonies of the event which will take place at simi valley in california. the reception is private, but the exhibit will be open to the public in mid-november.

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