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Sunday, August 26, 2007


the living room and reading nook in the back. i took this pic from the top floor, which overlooks the living room.

the smaller bedroom in the house. one of my favorite aunties, priscilla and i, in front of the house.
me & the b.f in front of my aunties house.
franklin and i at nyc port authority, waiting for our bus to delaware.
franklin. :-)
me enjoying vanilla ice cream and a brownie i baked from scratch!
the front of the house!
the backyard.

it's me blaynista's! and i am feeling super well rested (sort of), and ready to dish about all things fashion. but first let's talk about all things franklin, and my fabulous vacay with him at my auntie akwele's, home in delaware (more details about how YOU can vacay there below.) we spent all of last week in middletown just enjoying life before my move to london next week. expect more family + friend pics as i continue my good byes this week. so without further ado.....and by the way, my auntie's vacation home is very rentable and very affordable for those of you who are interested in a country vacation. it is fully (and beautifully furnished) and centrally located between new york city (1 hour away), baltimore ( 1 hour away) and washington d.c (about 3 hours away). there are also lots of beaches and parks within driving distance. and grocery stores, starbucks, etc are all within walking distance. there are four bedrooms, a basement which is big enough to be an apartment, 2 1/2 baths, a spacious backyard, brand new kitchen. formal and casual dining room. a living room and a nook. email me at if interested. okay! enough! enjoy the pics!

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Janelle said...

you and franklin are amazing together. loves it!!

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