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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


a photo of brooke in her older age. (source)

a photo of mrs. astor, fresh into her marriage with vincent astor. (source)

brooke astor. her name is so famous it almost sounds like a high-end label. it might as well have been. the legendary, and beloved mrs. astor, was just as fashionable, elegant, and luxe. she passed away this week of pneumonia at the age of 105. her long life was marked by many highs, including her marriage to vincent astor, who passed away in 1959, leaving her with "an estimated 157 million," says fashion week daily. she threw herself into philanthropy and donated much of her wealth to local charities. for almost fifty years she was new york society's matriarch of charity and had many friends, including annette de la renta (wife of oscar).

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