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Monday, August 06, 2007


as a model/mogul/mommy, kimora made sure that her two girls have a prominent role in the show. at one point they make cupcake s with kimora's personal chef which they give to her as a surprise.

on a two week trip to l.a , kimora's assistants pack a stack of louis vuitton luggage - like the one abovve - with pre-sorted outfits by kimora's stylist.

kimora with ex-husband russel , who she calls her "mentor" on the show. weird. (

blaynista's, did you watch? i am really not one to include a t.v sow in my schedule, but since this one was by and about a fabulous fashionista, i had to make the exception. was it worth it? i am still trying to figure that out. at first glance, the show really just feels like on big episode of cribs you see stacks of louis vuitton luggage. kimora's super huge saddle river, n.j mansion. her personal chef, two personal assistants, her fabu kids...we get it: she's rich. but what i don't get is if the show is meant to praise or joke on her? despite all the fabulosity and model mogul talk, there are times when you just feel like the point is: kimora is crazy, mean and ditsy. (i.e. asking an assistant to pick the beans and chicken out of a salad, screaming at a top member in her staff, giving way too much information when saying hello to another exec.) at this point, i just can't call it with the show. life in the fab lane has left me confused.

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