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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


tyra and i had lunch yesterday. sort of!
blaynista's! the new season is coming!! and i can't wait. here is a promo shot which i got from my other favorite blog, ybf. and guess what else i have? an exclusive interview with antm model - nik. look for it this week! p.s does it mean anything to you that as my friend david and i were having lunch yesterday at dallas bbq's on 23rd and 8th ave in new york city - tyra banks was right there! yes blaynistas! she sat a few seats down from us and was lunching with a beautiful young woman and a smallish man who might have been her stylist or hairdresser - he gave that vibe. but the real star was her security guard. he was absolutely gorgeous and had a very stylish suit which he paired with a cucumber green tie. loved it!

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