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Monday, August 27, 2007


angelina is cute, but it's her kids who standout. (source)
so it's not that angelina looks uber stylish in this shot - it's more that she looks like an oasis of calm while walking with a three rowdy children that's remarkable. what is stylish in this shot though is pax's swagger in his crew neck cotton tee, and zahara's pose in her light, summer tunic. can we also get into the fact that her hair is actually done! thank the lord for small - but ever important - miracles.

why, eve? why? (source)

honestly blaynista's, i loved this look until i looked at her ankle. did you just notice it too? it's the same chunky, "d-u-i" anklet lindsay lohan made infamous a few weeks ago. i guess you can't help if you have to wear it, but must you show it off? this skin-tight, cleavage baring dress, was sultry, sexy and just this side of slutty and combined with eve's flawless hair (finally) it is an amazing look - but i just can't get past the chunky, ankle jewelry. it's not cute, classy or even sassy. i don't know what's worse, the fact that her drunk driving forced eve to wear this or the fact that her poor fashion judgement forced her to show it off. me no like.

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