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Tuesday, August 14, 2007


do my eyes decieve me? jessica simpson's ex looks hella good. (source)

popsugar, deemed john mayer hot after posting these pictures. and after viewing them, i concur. dude looks dayum good. the hair is pantene perfect. the body is buff and beautiful, and the clothes? pretty damn cool. i simply adore v-neck white tees (my baby franklin lives in them. i know you didn't ask. but i felt truly compelled to tell), and john mayer proves why: they look good on every skin tone and play up toned torsos and shoulders like his. the cargo pants fit him really nicely. and those dark shades, and multiple shopping bangs add a glam touch that reminds us that this isn't just a regular dude walking down the street - but a really corny singer iswho is all of a sudden really hot. loves it times a billion.

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