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Monday, August 13, 2007


because like lays potato chips, you can't have just is an extended rundown of celebrities and the fabulous clothes they wore over the past few days.

kelly is giving fab in this photo. (source)

kelly osbourne looks cute. i am serious. i love the black on black styling - which makes for a real artsy contrast with her delicate complexion. i am really into the edgy haircut too. but what's good with the drag queen dragging behind her?

brad could be my baby daddy any day. franklin understands. (source)

dayum. brad pitt has more swagger than he has babies. he is oozing mucho machismo, casual cool and loads of appeal with his two of his four kids, zahara (in his arms) and pax. the jeans he is wearing are actually right on trend - wide legs/wide bottoms are so haute right now. the t-shirts fits nice and snug, as a t-shirt should when you have a body like that. and the newsboy cap and sunglasses add a retro touch to the entire look. the kids look just as cute and casual as their poppa too, they just need to work on zahara's hair. dr.miracles would do her good.

their still together and looking better. (source)

more family fab. as much as it weirds me out to admit this, tom and katie look really good together and little suri just sets it off. the matching black on both tom and kate is actually quiet sophisticated and totally cute without being crass. they would look over styled if it wasn't for suri's slightly sloppy gear. am i being too tough? i know she's a toddler, but with parents this cute, she could've stepped her game up for this photo opp.

words truly fail me on this one. but i'll try. (source)

wow. this might be interesting as an art project, but as a red carpet outfit, it's a a trend tragedy. this photo features new york personality andre j and the legendary he-she (who might be a total she now!? not sure) amanda lepore. the outfits themselves are not so bad. but it's the grooming - too much makeup, too much facial hair - that drags their look down.

loves the dress, shoes, and weave on new york from i love new york. part 2 of the show is debuting soon. (source)

honestly? loves this. say what you want but new york looks a lot better in this get-up than her other flavor-of-love counterparts who have trolled the red carpet in nothing but neon-colored spandex. this dress is cute and classy even if the chic wearing it is a crass and trashy. one out of two ain't bad.

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queen-to-be said...

Is my Z actually smiling in that pic?? And New York still look like she can't control those implants;)

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