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Friday, August 03, 2007


damn. where to start with this picture? the clothes, i guess. (
at first, i thought it was a joke - or perhaps photoshop. then i realized that it's a very real - and strange- publicity stunt by eddie murphy's two exes: nicole and scary. as reported by they are emerging after a "quiet" lunch at the ivy. wow, that is scary, and surreal. but this is a fashion blog so let's focus on the most dynamic aspect of the photo above: clothing. despite the trashy move, both ladies look very classy. especially nicole who is giving much body in that cinched-belted khaki dress. check those high-heeled sandals she is rocking. she looks poised, sexy and in control. and the hair only further adds to this point and look. scary, aka, melanie is doing it up too. although that black dress looks mighty familiar, i appreciate how much it flatters her curves and cleavage. her skin is glowing and the hair? gorgeous! unfortunately, the momma's didn't pass the fabulosity on to their kids. those red printed dresses are a haute mess!

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