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Thursday, August 09, 2007


one of these people will be featured in the blayreport's, "career chronicles" column next week.

sure, i could be talking about sean combs, aka p-diddy who is looking extra fab with his entourage in st. tropez. instead, i am talking about a true fashionista: derek roche, who is to the right side of the screen, rocking fab rolled up skinny denims, a season appropriate white top and carrying two huge lily shopping bags. he is puffy's full time stylist and puts together all those amazing pieces you see mr. combs work, play and party in. check the blayreport next week for an exclusive with derek on how he got his job, what he loves about it and how readers like you can make it to where he is and beyond.


ashley said...

hey. i went to design school with derek and i was and always will be the best! do you know how i can get in contact with him? thanks ashley

ashley said...

meant to say he...but if he was to see my slip up he would laugh his a$$ off! hehe

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