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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


do you love armani? then you'll love their phone. (source:

europe--with the d&g and prada phone already on the market, we should've known this was coming. reports that armani has partnered with samsung to launch an Armani Phone (don't know if that's the official name.) along with the standard bells and whistles (music, internet, camera, phone, etc.) it also comes in a sleek leather case with the word armani embossed in it. according to shophound, it's not yet available in the states, but will be available in europe by november for roughy 600 Euros (or $9oo.) this is just the first in a line of collaborations, samsung and armani are also debuting an armani flat screen t.v. in january. this is just precious. i love that you don't actually have to have a background in something to create it anymore. so what if i'm a style writer? i pledge to debut my own line of environmentally friendly fuel for nasa. promise!

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