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Tuesday, September 25, 2007


new york--ummmmmm don't call it a comeback. i caught this photo of whitney houston coming out of a lunch at nobu with clive davis. the pic was on one of my fave blogs, ybf, and was referred to as whitney's "comeback" lunch or whitney looking "comeback" ready. oh! she's gone and she ain't coming back. and if she is - she needs to re-up and re-group in the style arena because both she and this two piece look tired, haggard and worn! besides the tie being tucked into his pants, clive davis actually looks more current in his outfit than whitney's. hers smacks of the early nineties in it's shillouete. and though the pants, shoes, top look okay - there's so much more she could have done with the jacket. for example; a fitted, waist-length blazer or a comfy, loose cardigan. what she opted for - no pun intended - looks crackish. and unfortunately, no matter how fab the look - her grooming (or lack of) would have knocked her down ten points on a scale of 1-10. ouch! i know that was harsh. but......

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