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Monday, September 24, 2007


new york--so now that i'm sort of settled in in london, and not as emotional as i was a few days back about leaving. ( non stop tears blaynistas! i missed my momma and auntie, and gf's and bf's so much!) i can finally post these wonderful photos of my last days in new york. three days before i left, my friends and family conspired to throw the ultimate surprise going away party for me! if a beautiful brownstone in harlem, loads of close friends, and food from my favorite restaurant, dinosaur bbq weren't enough - they actually hired paparazzi and a camera crew to photograph and videotape the whole shibang! it will be available on youtube and i'll let you know when it's finally up. but in the meantime, feast your eyes on these beautiful photos. i still get a little misty looking at 'em. fashion is fabulous - but fam and friends are the height of fabulosity! (p.s this isn't even close to all the pics. but there's but so much uploading a girl can do.)
me and my old professor! lawrence aaron of the bergen record and syracuse university!
this is me about an hour before the surprise party. i had a goodbye dinner with my friend brian from syracuse university.
ofcourse i had an outfit change! what fashionista wouldn't! this is me in my second outfit with model mami miyah! ( i love alliteration!)
latoya, me and julee! these two girls were one of the main planners behind the party. and together we look like a fake music group from the 90s!
me, celebrity stylist, dhalimu and one of my favorite friends, khalia.
julee, my momma, and me. these two had been on the phone for weeks planning the party! so smart!
awww! me and khalia again!

my auntie bear, me and my momma bear! these two looked so sexy at the party!

isn't he smooth!? this is roger joseph of conde nast and me!

my favorite couple, (outside of me and franklin, ofcourse) karima and andre.

jen, who left for l.a last week, me and n'erin!
a big thank you to janelle for introducing this cutie to the crew! he's also a great friend. his name is jebron and he's a ford model.

kareem!!!! you've seen him on this blog before. he totally lied to get me to the party, telling me that it was an important meeting with mtv about a reality show. sure! this was even better! (what's in my hand? an awesome book that julee made for me, featuring pictures of us through the years.)

this is me the morning of the party in my first outfit.

my girl janelle and me at my house the day i was leaving!

i randomly bumped into one of my fave friends, writer, charli penn, on the street!

the photographer, me and the videographer!

dhalimu and alexander allen. absolutely the best stylists in the world. period.

najwa moses, founder of styleaholics and me!

starting at the '04 babyphat show - us four girls always pose together. this was the latest in the series. khalana barfield of instyle, lifestyle reporter, daisy lewellyn, me and real simple fashion editor, julee wilson!

my girl nikki gaskins looking fierce!

my baby and me!!!!
julee blowing me goodbye kisses.

charrea jackson of the blog, queen-to-be, and me flashing nearly identical smiles!


Dominican Enigma said...

you look absolutely stunning. I love the pics!!

AAWesome said...

THANK YOU! I had such a good time at your going away party. You were sooo surprised. I loved it!!!

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