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Monday, September 10, 2007


shane graham is strong, but not strong enough to resist this bag....

note to my readers: blaynistas, this is such an experiment! i got the inspiration to start this "story strip," (no obvious humor so i replaced the word "comic") after a conversation with a very close friend of mine. her struggles and triumphs in the fashion industry are funny, encouraging, and mirror what so many people - myself included - go through in the quest to "make it" in fashion. though inspired by real life, my "frockstar diaries" are based no one in particular - real or imagined. instead, they are inspired by everyone, everything, every event and every day in the wacky, cut throat, exhilarating world of fashion. this story strip will be posted daily/weekly. i am not sure. but soon enough - it will be illustrated ( if any of you out there know how to create comic-strip style illustrations let me know.) bear with me as i work out this fictional . xo, zb. ***************************************************************************************

Chapter 1: To Buy Or Not To Buy.....


Age: 28 Years-Old
Title: Assistant Market Editor at a Major Fashion Magazine
Background: Lives in New York City's West Village
Modus Operandi: A serious addiction to retail. She believes in "fake it till you make it," which ironically is holding her back from making it!

Shane Graham bit her lip and thought hard: she was back at square one, which in her case is the accessories floor of her favorite boutique, debating whether to spend her rent money on the black, crocodile YSL Downtown Tote she'd been lusting after. The problem is that still wasn't enough money. She'd have to use the last of the credit on her Amex Card to make up the $595 needed to purchase the $1895 dollar bag. Damn! If she did that, not only would she be two months late on her rent, she wouldn't be able to do dinner, lunch, or go out on the weekends for a month. But it was well worth it! She picked up the bag, walked over to the sales desk and asked - as she always did - if they take a combination of credit and debit. Of course they did! She walked off with her purchase. Proud, happy and confused about how to explain another month of missed rent to her roommate and landlord......

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