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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


guess whose back after four fabulous days off from blogging! zandile of course! in honor of labor day, i decided to stop laboring and start luxuriating with friends and family! from eating, to eating, to walking in the park and walking in soho we had a blast! check out the pics below!
check out my new hair style! okay, moving on....
my fabulous mom walking while reading life & style at liberty state park.
you already know this guy! my baby franklin in his signature white t!
me focusing really hard on.....i don't know what!
my ever fabulous auntie and momma chatting on the water front.
sweat shorts and an old tee! i am dressed like a freshman in college.

the three of us chillaxin.

my auntie looking fab as she chats on the phone and gives much body!
my favorite ladies checking out street treats!

my auntie mom & me after dinner in soho!

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