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Friday, September 21, 2007


beauties like this might be modeling clothes during pakistan's own fashion week.

pakistan--honestly, i can't tell if this is a good or a bad thing. nothing at all against pakistan (wonderful country, beautiful people, tasty food) but how many fashion weeks in how many locations can we have? new york, paris, milan, london (of course!) but now dubai, jamaica, india, guyana, and now....pakistan? shouldn't fashion week be restricted to locations that are actual fashion mecca's? just asking! and i'm also pontificating when i should just be delivering the news. and here's the news: img has announced that pakistan will now be added to the fashion week schedule, with theirs taking place from november 5th through 8th. it will be held at the royal palms gold and country club in lahore. spring and summer ready to wear looks will be featured. okay....i want jersey city fashion week next!

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Anonymous said...

theres a reason why ur not a part of IMG.

pakistan has the hottest designers right now, stupid jersey bitch.


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