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Thursday, September 20, 2007


new york--okay! before i even talk about tyra - remember my blog earlier this month about having lunch with her? well really, we were having lunch at the same time in the same restaurant. and remember how in love i was with her bodyguard!? well that's him to the left in the picture! girls (and even guys!!!) what do you think? isn't his swagger captivating? the way he guards her is so cute. (but of course, he'll never be as cute as my b.f!). okay, now on to tyra: I LOVE IT! i really do. the color is amazing, the cut is even more amazing, the body looks beyond right. and the hair is just about flawless. i think she could have picked another pair of shoes. but whatever. these could work. kudos on a great career and a great wardrobe. and blaynista's, as you know, i'm in london now. no tele. so i wasn't able to watch the season premier of antm. how was it???!!! you are my lifeline. please comment.

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mio! said...

ANTM, was interesting. As per usual th normal dramas with Mr. and Ms. J., before the non-models were weeded out by tyra and the firm. They came down to the final girls. Much coo coo cachew bitchin already forming,which will make for great viewing. Here's to ANTM 8!

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