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Tuesday, September 04, 2007


some days the photos are too good to critique just one. and today is one of those days. feast your eyes on fashions from puffy's latest white party. photos are courtesy of ybf.

guess what? these two look fabulous! yes! i know they are usually the butt of all jokes, but not toay. star's dress and shoes compliment her body perfectly and her hair is amazing. al looks similarly impressive, but something about those short socks rubs me the wrong way.

the only words that come to mind when looking at kim's outfit are: white hot mess.

wow, the words "classy", "sexy" and "knee-length" to describe mariah carey's clothing? believe it! the diva and perrennial worst-dresser, looks very chic and tasteful in this get up. i loves it!
honestly, words fail me. you take a stab at this one. what do YOU think?

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Janelle said...

and the award for best support goes to....


as much as he does, he couldnt say "Mom...go to La Perla, or anywhere and get fitted for a brassiere." She could do sooo much better. One day...


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