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Monday, September 24, 2007


must be sooo nice to be todd oldham right now. (source: ny magazine)

new york & san fransisco--wow gap incorporated. they've pulled another heavy hitter to head up another gap corporation store: todd oldham at old navy. after recently reporting that designer patrick wilson would be their vice president of design, womens wear daily reported last week that gap incorporated has pulled well-known designer, oldham, to serve as creative director of the popular national chain. according to the article, he will split his time between new york city and san fransisco in order to fulfill his duties for old navy and his own label. he will also create a signature todd oldham collection (not sure if it's clothes or furniture or more - or less) which will be sold exclusively at old navy. this sounds a good deal. but somehow, i feel like todd is getting more out of it than old navy ever will. in my humble, non corporate opinion, i thought old navy was doing just fine. it's their sister company, the gap, which needed the help...

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