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Friday, October 12, 2007


what would a fragrance my madonna be called? we'll find out. (source:
new york--the beauty industry certainly thinks so. that's why they are currently exploring the idea of launching a fragrance based on the mogul singer and mommy. strangely enough, she is one of very few singers who has spun her fame into a clothing line (there was the collaboration with h&m, but that's all that was.) according to a piece in today's, that is because of madonna's reputation in the industry for wanting large sums of money upfront in any deal and a history of wanting too much control over her image. but that's apparently no problem for live nation, a licensing company that's said to have inked a $120 million dollar deal with madonna. what they get is the right to license her name for a variety of products from clothing to accessories and ofcourse fragrance. this isn't the first time madonna has been close to such a deal, in the last 10 to 20 years, (she's that old yall!) she's shopped herself to several companies and nothing panned out. it looks like the 10th time might be the charm. stay tuned on this one!

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AAWesome said...

I'm soo on that Madonna ISH...large sums of doe upfront and control over my image. That's why she is the beast that she is and hasn't fallen victim to trying to stay relevant today in the entertainment industry. She and Prince are the truth when it comes to artistry and business management. Say what you want, they are caked up and still doing big things.

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