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Tuesday, October 02, 2007


alexis and kanye making a very fashionable entrance at london fashion week. (source:

paris---that body! alexis is doing it! the girl is not overwhelmingly pretty, but certainly not ugly. she's just very normal - dare i say average? - in looks. so i never really took a second look. but again that body! she looks beyond fabulous in this painted on two piece, mini-skirt suit and seems every inch the popstar wifey with those glasses and that pantene hair. kanye cuts a pretty dapper silhouette himself in the tailored blazer and thick rimmed glasses. i could've lived without that plaid undershirt. but it doesn't distract or detract too much. i really like this.

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Dominican Enigma said...

Z, I've seen this woman in person-she is a lot better up close than on camera. Believe me. Her face is gorgeous!! Her body is incredible too-especially since she has a 10 year old son.

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