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Monday, October 01, 2007


new york & iran--- yes! i've read all the negative stories abut iran president mahmoud ahmadinejad. and to hear the press and president of columbia university tell it, this man is so evil he makes the devil look like the jolly green giant. i'm not here to dispute them. but ever the optimist, i'd love to focus on the good - or in this case - great grooming and get-ups worn by ahmadinejad. in his brief stay in the states, he showed, among many other things, that his personal style surpasses dictator chic to offer something that's at once trendy and classic. let's start with his signature roomy, well cut suits which emphasize his trim physic. he loves layering - and does it well, be it with a slightly unbuttoned shirt underneath his suits, or additional scarves and vests. and on to his grooming. the man, 49, clearly has a boyish face, which he plays down with a carefully groomed beard that delicately balances itself between being full grown and lounging just this side of a 5 o'clock shadow. now if his international relations skills were half as good as his style....

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