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Thursday, October 18, 2007


sea leather, up close. (

new york, ny--so.......sea leather. supposedly, it's "leather" created from the skin of dead fish and according to leslie hoffman of earth pledge, the organization promoting it, it is a "sustainably raised fish product that does not smell happens to be very beautiful. fish skin would otherwise be garbage." well, stacey bendet of alice+olivia thinks it still is garbage. according to page six, she initially agreed to design a dress out of it for earth pledge but was grossed out by the fishy smell. a few other designers weren't and are currently creating pieces out of this new leather concept. i'm intrigued....

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Anonymous said...

Sorry for the ignorant person to think that fish leather smells like fish...does cow leather smell like cows? Does crododile smell like croc? My hat goes off to anyone who can take a sustainable resource and develop it into a beautiful fashion leather. We need some thought given to an eco-friendly new leather. Save a cow, eat a fish.

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