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Wednesday, October 10, 2007


my super sexy mom and aunt striking a pose at my sisters college, ramapo college in new jersey.
just because i'm a label whore, i made them show off their every day bags. my mom with her st. john's black doctor bag and my auntie with her trusty fendi relaxed mini tote.
all four of us at zeba's school. from left to right, my momma, me, auntie, and zeba.
me, rocking a mets t-shirt they bought me with franklin's mets hat.
"frandile" (franklin + zandile) on a date about two hours before the infamous call.

jersey city, nj-- blaynistas, usually, i like to leave the personal posts for the weekend - but this time i had to break my golden rule. my uber fabulous mommy and auntie (agnes and akwele respectively) planned the ultimate surprise for me on monday. i had to jet back into town from london for an interview (sounds a lot more fabulous than it actually is) and i came back home in a terrible state: no winter wardrobe to speak of. i mean none. before moving to london, i gave all my clothes away to charity with the thought that i'd be buying a fabulous new wardrobe for myself - and then reality and my overstretched budget kicked in. seeing my sad, sad case (and one too many instances of me wearing my summer favorites in the fall) they engineered a fashionable surprise. in the dead of night they called me while i was on a date with my b.f., franklin, and demanded that i come home. they weren't taking no for an answer. there was a family emergency and they needed me home. i rushed back to jersey city to find them sitting quietly by a large garbage back which they asked me to open. inside?nearly $1,000 worth of clothes and shoes. wow. i would have cried if i wasn't so happy. here is a great big THANK YOU to mommy and auntie for being such great parents and supporting me and my dreams so fully from food to (hugs to a shoulder to cry on to) fashion. i love you girls and in the future will put you up in the best nursing home money can buy. (just kidding!!!)


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