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Thursday, October 25, 2007


london, england--she makes a baby bump look like the hautest accessory in town. this is my second time including pregnant halle berry in the rundown and she totally deserves this t.b.r honor. she looks beautiful. why? the cut of the dress totally flatters what she's trying to hide (her belly) and what she's trying to show off (her boobies). plus the color does amazing things for her complexion. beautiful.
new york--according to, this picture marks nicole murphy and her new boo michael strahan being affectionate in public. along with showing her new love off, she's also showing a very fit and toned body. did you know this woman has five (i think maybe even 6 kids!) kids? i don't even have one and my stomach isn't half as tight as this. i think she looks fabulous, although she could have done without that belt. but what i want to know is, where are the kids? we see eddy with tracy and nicole with everyone else all the time. but where are they hiding those kids? that's an awful lot of children to keep under wraps.

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AAWesome said...

IMO, this is the best look that Halle has ever rocked. It's colorful, hot (did you see the back) and sexy. She KILLED this look!

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