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Thursday, October 18, 2007


get 'em girl! (
somewhere down south, usa--usually i do one of these a day, but understandably, after seeing this photo, i couldn't it's easy. too easy to dismiss fantasia as looking sloppy and ghetto. but i will refrain and instead thank her for her courage. many a girl, myself included, in perfectly fine shape would cringe at even a one piece to the beach or pool. that's why you see so many of us with shorts and a shirt, a big tee over a one piece, or a towel wrapped around us right before and after we get in the water. insecurity over our bodies - beautiful, or in need of some toning - plagues us severely. so it's refreshing to see a chic, who doesn't have the bad-est body in the land, bravely baring all. kudos 'asia. she makes me feel like as long as i have two legs, two arms, ten toes, and ten fingers i'm allright. string bikini's here i come!!!


Abi said...

Z this is so damn funny!!!!!!!!!!!!

AAWesome said...

Well, I'll say it for you, she looks a sloppy, ghetto mess. I wonder if Oprah has seen this picture? and what are her thoughts?

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