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Monday, October 08, 2007


mr. bernauld arnault who presides over all your favorite brands: vuitton, moet, henessy and much, much more. (source: www.linternaute.)

moscow, russia-- don't you love the fashion industry? they do fabulous things like hold a luxury conference to discuss luxury! that's just what's happening this upcoming november 28-29th at moscow's ritz-carlton hotel. the event which is organized by the international herald tribune is called "supreme luxury conference" and will focus on "how luxury brands can continue to survive and prosper in an increasingly competitive market place," according to and they keynote speaker is just as fabulous as the event itself: lvmh chief, bernard arnault. tom ford and donatella versace will be speaking as well. (feel free to sponsor my hotel and air ticket if you want me to attend!)

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