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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


i'm not the biggest kate moss fan in the world. but i have to give her props for this ad. she makes me understand why every luxury label in the land has sought her out.

i love how top shop makes it easy to jack kate moss' swagger! the dress she wore for fashion rocks is already on sale. the pieces on the left are cute, especially the black, sequined, sheath dress. but at the current exchange rate between the pound and the dollar, i will hold off.

london, england--if this question has ever plagued you during the holiday season, then fret no more! top shop has sent a sneak peak of moss' holiday collection to fanatics like myself. as a whole, the collection doesn't look that different from her debut line in that the silhouettes and accessories are pretty much the same (think skinny jeans, and small bags on skinny chains), however there were some really fresh pieces and gorgeous campaign photos. behold these beauties below.

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Anonymous said...

Kate Moss is IT.

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