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Wednesday, November 07, 2007


my outfit on my first day of classes. unfortunately, you don't really get the full look. the ensemble was complimented by a pair of shark gray leather stilleto booties. trust me when i say i looked good. do you like the new hair? this is the first time since i've had conscious memory that i've gone this long without a weave. methinks i like it! see more pics at my other blog: zandile in london. zandile
london--since i graduated from syracuse 3 years ago, it's super wierd to even use the word school. but alas! in my quest to be the best fashion writer and blogger on earth - here i am spending thousands of dollars for my masters degree in fashion in the heart of london! i had my first day of class last friday and it was fabulous. everything you'd imagine a fashion program to be - including a spelling bee where we had to spell designers names (vivienne westwood anyone!?) want to learn more about my trials and triumphs in londontown? check out my other - more personal - blog: zandile in london. hugs and double airkisses! xo, zb

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AAWesome said...


You look hot. I'm feeling the bright red oversized bag. You're not playing out there in London, I see.

I went to your other blog and I'm fully caught up on your London experience. Unfortunately, I couldn't leave you any comments, as I don't have a google account. See if you can offer an "other" option for me. Thanks

GOOD LUCK with the rest of your studies abroad!

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