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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


designer yohji yamamoto is sexy and fashion forward. what more does one really need in a man?

london--these were compiled by prolific fashion writer & editor, roger tredre. loves them!

'As the English say, I would like to leave the party when it is still full.' VALENTINO ON RETIRING

'Fashion is for the young. Once you reach a certain age, it is best to figure out your uniform and stick with it.' JOURNALIST RICHARD BUCKLEY

'What makes designers successful is their ruthlessness.' ANONYMOUS, VANITY FAIR

'Fashion, for all its emphasis on creativity, is a business.' WRITER EDWARD HELMORE

'My work is completed only when a person wears it. It doesn't work on a mannequin, it would look like a ghost.' YOHJI YAMAMOTO

'In London, there is the air of fashion being something for gifted amateurs. I fully respect the creative freedom of designers but fashion is a business.' STUART ROSE, CHAIRMAN BRITISH FASHION COUNCIL

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