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Wednesday, November 14, 2007


classic. on so many levels.

london -- blaynista's! we are all fashionista's right? so i'm guessing that one of you lovely readers can guess who this legendary designer is. in case you can't spot him, he is the one in shades, surrounded by paparazzi and kissing an equally famous celeb on the left. for extra brownie points, tell me who the female celeb he is kisssing is. hint: she is a hollywood actress who just recently starred in an ad campaign for louis vuitton. this picture is part of several being featured at the london college of fashion. it is part of an exhibit on catwalk photographer, chris moore. the reader who gets this right get's a shout out on the blayreport. (i know it's not a shopping spree. but humour me....)

1 comment:

AAWesome said...

Ok let me take a stab at it. Designer...Yves Saint Laurent. The hint gave me more of a clue, is the celebrity Debbie Harry of Blondie? Holla back and tell me something good! lol

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