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Wednesday, November 21, 2007


alexander transformed foxy into a sexy noir vixen!

victoria secret model, selita, one of alexander's clients. the fitted cap and pose add a touch of edge to her usually sultry look.

this photo appeared in vibe vixen. the entire spread was beautiful. wendy looked sexier and classier than i've seen in years.

celebrity fashion stylist alexander allen, giving good face and fabulous style.

new york--what do beyonce, laura linney, pink, aretha franklin, foxy brown, wendy williams and a host of other celebs have in common? fashion guru, alexander allen! the brooklyn born stylist got a head start in the fashion industry working at venerable companies like marie claire and dkny before branching off to start his own company, trans4mers, which as the name suggests revamps the style of hollywood celebs and local fashionista's. it was our privilege to chat with him recently about career, money and exactly why the blay report is the hautest blog in town.

So...age is allegedly taboo in the fashion industry. But would you mind sharing yours? 30!

Where were you born? New York.

What's your title? Celebrity Fashion Stylist.

That's a fab one. How many years have you been at it? Seven years! I got my start through internships and assisting.

What were some expected and unexpected challenges along the way? Some expected challenges consisted of establishing myself as a key fashion stylist after having being an assistant, securing clients and living life as a freelance artist, as opposed to with security, in which I was used to. Some unexpected challenges included dealing with client's entourages, labels, etc.. on how they should look when the client's didn't have an idea on how they should look themselves, some client's opting to go the safe fashion route, as opposed to taking fashion risks and lastly, lack of prompt payment or payment at all. Those are all challenges that I've since rectified.

Is there a personal/professional motto that you live by? "What goes around, comes around." Also, "Straight talk leads to straight understanding." Wendy Williams.

What's the most profound lesson you've learned since starting your career?The most profound lesson I learned is to not bite your tongue and speak up for yourself. Other people do it, why shouldn't you?

New York is a sea of stylists. How have you distinguished yourself from the pack? My passion and my talent has and will always distinguish myself and my services from the sea of "celebrity fashion stylist" in NY or anywhere else.

So who are some fabulous celebs you've worked with? I've worked with everyone from Beyonce, Destiny's Child, Shakira and Pink to actresses Laura Linney and Sanaa Lathan to comedian Sandra Bernhard.

What was the experience like? As with any profession, you have you're ups and downs. I love what I do, so I'm good.

Money is a sensitive topic, so you don't have to give us specifics. But can you give us a clue about how well paid - or underpaid - professionals are in your field? In my line of work, you can create and maintain a very lavish lifestyle. However, that shouldn't be your primary goal or you will not become a success, especially during this day and time.
Realistically, what does it take to start out and make it as a stylist? Passion, creativity, intelligence and knowing how to multi-task are just a few attributes one should possess to realistically, start out and make it as a stylist.

So what's next for you? ...the sky is the limit! Short term goal, the beginning of my round two in 07/08! Watch out!!!

And since this is a style blog, we have to ask: what's your look for this fall? My look for fall is the same for all seasons, personal style, individuality, creativeness, authentic swagger, in addition to, some limited edition pieces from some new, mainstream and/or high end designers.

Finally, because we love compliments here at the blayreport, please, please, PUHLEEEZZEEE tell us why you read and love it! I love the blayreport because simply put, I love Zandile Blay!

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