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Friday, November 23, 2007


tomasso aquilano and roberto rimondi the geniuses behind the label 6267 (

this piece is from their current fall 2007 collection. i live for it. it's sexy and edgy yet still classic. (
this ensemble cuts a bold silhouette. i love the high waist of the pants especially combined with the bulky coat. chic.
me in a fall 2007 6267 blazer. it felt like butter and as much as i wanted to buy it. the price tag of $3000 just wasn't in my budget.

milan--nope. it's not the number you should play during the next state wide lotto. but it is definitely a number you should be aware of. that's because 6267 is the hautest label on the international fashion scene at the moment. designd by the italian duo of tomasso aquilano and roberto rimondi, 6267 is taking fashion editors by storm. what is there to love? lots and lots and lots. i hit the pavement in london this past weekend to chat with stockists (retailers) of the label and everyone said the same thing: cut, fabrics and construction. these are the qualities that set 6267 apart and have it selling out all over europe and in america. the buzz started two years ago when aquilano and rimondi won vogue italia's "whose on next?" competition. they beat out over 300 applicants for the top prize of being crowned italy's next "it" designer. since then, they've made good on the hype by consistently producing sexy, body-conscious pieces with a retro flair. after trying on their items and checking out their past collections, i'm definitely a fan. what do you think?

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