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Friday, November 09, 2007


something like a rockstar: captures fans as they line up to pay up for h&m's cavalli pieces. (all photos from

new york + london -- honestly, where to start? i guess the first thing would be to beg and plead that any of you with personal stories or personal pics from the roberto cavalli line launch please send them to me so i can post and share with other blaynistas. besides that, wow. as you can imagine the elbow grease and nasty attitudes were out in full force at new york - and now london - where roberto cavalli's diffusion line for h&m debuted. according to wwd's awesome article on the new york launch, over 250 people waited outside for hours for the store to open and to get a glimpse of cavalli who was in full ham mode. according to the reporter, he asked the crowd to "tell me how much you love me," a question to which they all responded, "we love you. we love you." figures out yet out on how much the store grossed from initial sales, but at roughly $80 o $100 a piece, i'm sure they turned a pretty penny. today is london's day as cavalli launches at h&m too. i would've waited online to purchase some pieces too, but i'm pound poor at the moment. i will swing by later on to take some photos for my blaynistas.


Claire said...
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dj nikki beatnik said...

I DJ'd at the launch in London and it was utter madness..all the clothes were gone by the end of my set at 12.. it was fun though watching women loose their marbles and fight for a bit of leopard print :)
DJ NIKKI Beatnik, London

Chanel said...

There was nothing left at the H&M in Chicago the day after the launch when I got to go (I was coming from out of town).

To say I was bummed is a bit of an understatement.

As you asked, here is a telling pic I took with my phone from the Chicago store.

AAWesome said...

Hands down, this was H&M's best collaboration to date. Especially, the women's collection.

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