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Friday, November 09, 2007


whitney touches down at an airport. (pic from

los angeles -- okay. i get it. whitney houston is a recovering.....? but is that an excuse to look sloppy. methinks not! look at kate moss, naomi campbell and even nicole ritchie, all celebs who have at one time or another (allegedly) been addicted. no matter how bad the habit, they always managed to sleek and stylish. whitney could take a page out of their book by stepping her paparazzi photo game up. whenever she's at an award show she looks glam. but left on her own, she's consistently sloppy. i'm over it. now that she's looking half-way sober, i need her to start looking half way stylish - something that this tired looking ensemble is not. (never mind the little girl on the right, i have no idea who she is. and she gets a pass for that outfit as she looks under the age of 15.)

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