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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


the pieces + the model + the stylig = superb.

this reminds me - and likely everyone else - of the royal tennenbaums. it has a classic, retro feel which makes it stand out from run of the mill sweats....

honestly? not keen on this particular outfit. but can we get into this model. yuuummy!
i live for the murse the model is carrying so fiercely. not usually a fan of blue and black, but this works. and the silhouette is darling.

the designer takes a bow....(all pics from

london---today, i had the pleasure of sitting in on an informal discussion with menswear designer kim jones. t.b.r. correspondent, omar abdullah, had put me on to him before but i hadn't paid attention, until now. my first impression of his overall collection is: wow. he has distilled the fakecool (my worn) and often sloppy sensibilities of "streetwear" into a comfortable, structured, masculine, yet boyishly charming label which boys will love and girls like me can appreciate. i can't afford it now, but i can imagine myself living in a sweater from one of his collections. log on to to read more/see more and look below to see my favorite pieces from his autumn/winter '07 collection.

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