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Thursday, November 15, 2007


marc of a genius. the many looks - and weights - of mark jacobs over the years. (photo from the new york times.)

new york -- “Why are people so bitter and jealous and being so horrible to me?” this question and many other comments by designer marc jacobs, are part of a collection of rare jewels that make eric wilson's latest piece in the new york times dazzling. in it, wilson analyzes the mystery and mystique of jacobs. it covers everything from the annointing of marc as the "it" american designer to the latest media backlash after his last show. it's a fun read. check it out and come back to let us know your thoughts. find the article here.

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AAWesome said...

The article is a very fun read. I like Marc Jacobs, more so as a designer for Vuitton, than for his own collection. Although, I do like the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection. He, himself, has undergone a physical transformation that I'm feeling. It's very reminiscent of the physical transformation that John Galliano went through a couple of years ago. Marc, 2+ hour fashion show delays can make anyone become an enemy.

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