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Friday, December 07, 2007


ummmm. me no like. (thanks to for this ad.)

u.s.a -- so i spied this dooney and bourke ad featuring hayden pannetierre and her new namesake bag. as reported by the blay report earlier this year, panittiere was brought in my the label to design this bag and follows in the footsteps of young starlets like mischa barton, lindsay lohan and emma roberts. so what do you think? want to know what i think? i thought you did! well, for one i like the bag. i love the bright cherry color. the patent sheen is right on trend. and the huge "hp" tag - though a bit tacky - is a nice touch. that said though, WHO STYLED THIS AD!???? i feel like everything else in the photo - from the pose, to the voluminous hair, to that cheap looking ruched dress, totally, totally takes away from the bag and drives the whole photo away from the mod-classic look they were going for. am i alone in my thoughts? let me know!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

her expression doesn't say high end to me, and as for leaning on that cheap looking table give me a break!

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