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Thursday, December 06, 2007


honestly, still so used to seeing this dude with hilary duff...but i guess there's a new chic in town. (thanks to for photo)

los angeles --maybe this is more entertainment than fashion, but just had to share this news. reports that nicole richie and joel madden surprised 100 expecting mothers with a surprise baby took place at the l.a. free clinic and mothers were given baby bjorn products, mattresses, crips and toys from fisher price. the total came up to over $200,000. it was all done in the name of free publicity - i'm so sorry! - the richie madden children's foundation, which the couple started. nicole says, "we named it the richie madden children's foundation becaue we each have families and our families are close and...involved." honestly, i really do think this is fabulous. it's strange to see richie, the fashionista, transform into richie, the mother. yet, it's beautiful all the same.

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