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Friday, December 07, 2007


honestly, this was a really bad cover. but i digress.....are you a vogue reader? (thanks to for photo)

london -- blaynistas! for many years i've simply not read vogue magazine. it's not that i wasn't aware of it - or of it's status as the fashionista's bible. it's just that i was bored. the magazine seemed old and staid and pretentious. but after coming to london and being steeped deeply in couture at my classes in saint martins, i decided to give the magazine a try. yesterday, i spent my good, hard borrowed cash on my first ever copy of american vogue (actually paid $10 once you convert to pounds.) it was the december issue with penelope cruz on the cover. well guess what? i loved it! i don't know if it's time, or london, but whatever the cause i found the magazine so much more exciting. the articles were well written and spot on. the fashion pictorials were stimulating and well styled. even ana wintour's letter to the readers had a certain charm to it. maybe i won't be a lifelong reader, but i'm definitely picking up the next copy. what are your thoughts? is it your style bible or the last magazine you look at?

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aawesome said...

I agree with you across the board. The JHud cover was lackluster, but I was proud 1. to see a black girl on the cover and 2. to see that they chose her over Beyonce for the cover.

I respect what Vogue stands for, but I let my subscription run out about a year ago and most of those magazines haven't even been unwrapped. The shoot the same designers month after month and sweat the same designers collection after collection. I can't and WONT!

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