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Wednesday, December 12, 2007


this is the quintessential city bike - also called the "city bike" - by jorg & olif. it retails for about $595 or less. (thanks to for the photo.)
one of three bmx bikes outfitted by puma, available for the holidays. check out puma's black store in new york city or tokyo for prices and purchase. (thanks to for the photos)

new york -- according to the december issue of american vogue, bicycles are the hautest new accessory. i agree. take a stroll through the streets of london and other european cities and you will see person after person commuting on bicycle. from stylish young women to smart middle aged men, they are all riding in stye. jorg & oliff is the go-to brand for fashionistas. puma has also just debut accessorized bmx bikes that are as good for your wardrobe as they are for your daily commute.

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