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Thursday, January 10, 2008


all photos taken by the sartorialist for don't you love these men?

italy -- a sexy, sophisticated, put together look on a girl is almost expected. it's easier for us. but for a man to pull this off? that's as rare as a flawless weave on naomi campbell. however, the ever awesome sartorialist always seems to spot them. these pictures were taken at pitti uomo, where upcoming trends in mens fashion are showcased. check out more photos at is also there and here's what they had to say for the trends brewing right now: "major trends so far include a continued slimming down of the silhouette (a direction carried over from previous seasons) with boxier, cropped jacket shapes increasing in importance. US and UK heritage feature heavily as a source of inspiration, with traditional country sports and vintage workwear themes looking particularly strong. Lightweight functionality is again an influence, driven by concerns about environmental change, but the resulting technical performance fabrics and soft-structured shapes are updated this season with more emphasis on hand finishing. Key pieces include knitted cashmere leisure suits, rethought waxed gamekeeper jackets with poacher pockets, driving coats and higher-gorge, 3SB tailored jackets. Alongside winter brights, 1940s Americana-inspired red emerges as a key accent colour to offset a traditionally subdued seasonal palette of industrial greys, warmed browns and saturated blues. "

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