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Thursday, January 31, 2008


just like a stripper: cute, but waaay too costly. (

new york - blaynista's, please tell me: why did they even bother? earnest sewn, which really does make perfectly lovely jeans and van cleef and arpels, which really does produce perfectly lovely jewels, have teamed up for a perfectly horrid item: diamond encrusted denims. i don't know what's more garish the jeans (which literally are only functional and fashionable at a photoshoot) or the price tag (they really could feed my entire family in africa for a year).

same comment as avobe. don't like these shoes with the jeans though. (

i'm in such sticker shock that i can't even comment any more. but i will provide the solid stats: a) it's a limited edition line that will be auctioned off later on at christies. b) only 10 of each style will be produced: a dark blue one that retails for $9700, and a light gray one that retails for $11,300 c) a party will be held to celebrate it on february 11th in new york city. so what do yall think?

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