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Friday, January 11, 2008


quohnos, on the left, with his partner jeffrey in an old story from the village voice. (

new york - karl lagerfeld's namesake label has a new vp of global marketing & communications in town. his name is quohnos mitchell and he is formerly of tommy hilfiger. he will be heading up all marketing initiatives for lagerfeld's lines including k karl lagerfeld and kl collection. according to media, he is respected in the industry for his professionalism and wicked style of dress. interesting. but do you want to know what's even more so? the fact that tommy hilfiger owns karl lagerfeld (the clothing lines) i had no idea. did you? in fact, hilfiger aquired the brand in 2005.

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AAWesome said...

Re: Tommy owning Lagerfeld...yes, but I didn't know that Quohnos is now at Lagerfeld. I know him and remember him from Tommy...VERY HAUTE!

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