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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


i may have loved it. but one important critic for the international herald tribute hated it! (

milan - suzy menkes is not known for mincing words, and the fashion critic did not disapoint when it came to the recent alexander mcqueen show. although i , and several bloggers/writers raved about the show , she had a drastically different take. here's an excerpt from her scathing review. ouch! (p.s. the diss on my school was so uneccesary though...)

menkes is a brilliant writer who thought mcqueen's collection was anything but...(

"Despite his wondrous Indian-inspired fabric and decoration, Alexander McQueen did not seem so in touch with fashion as he took a sartorial journey from Bangalore to Cochin and Katmandu.

It was not a wandering Indian hippie trail, more a precise appropriation of images of the Subcontinent: a silvered fringe added to the sweep of a shawl-collared cardigan, paisley embroidery on the hem of a tailored coat, an ethnic pattern shawl wrapping the shoulders under a high-crown hat.

The only problem with that travelogue is that the designer, for all the studied ethnic intricacy, never moved his own design ethic forward. Known as a modern master, McQueen had tailoring as sharp as a shirt's silver-edged hem. But when the double layers of a jacket were draped like a sari or a vest and a coat broke out in a leopard print, it all looked like a Saint Martins College of Art project - albeit done with consummate skill, imagination and taste.

Stand-out pieces appeared when the trail went up to the Himalayas, inspiring yeti-thick coats and vests. McQueen clearly felt the need to push his menswear forward. But sometimes the easiest journey a designer takes is to add a bag with ethnic embroidery and the hardest is to move forward inside the head."

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