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Thursday, January 10, 2008


sharp words & a sharp sense of style: mr. blackwell. (
i don't think she belonged on the list, but i get why she made it. (
world wide -- so i don't know a whole lot about the mr. blackwell. (if you do, put me on.) either way, he must have some really good p.r. because for the past 40-odd years, folks have been waiting with baited breath to read his list of the previous years' worst dressed celebs. here is the list for 2007. do you agree with it?

10.) Alison Arngrim: "Little Nellie of the prairie, looks like a 1940's fashion editor for the Farmers Almanac."

9.) Lindsay Lohan: "Lindsay the fashion frenzy strikes again! Lohan takes fashion to a new low."

8.) Jessica Simpson: "Forget the Cowboys. In prom queen screams, can it get any worse? She's a global fashion curse!"

7.) Avril Lavigne: "Gothic make-up courtesy the mad spatula-Fashions provided by.. The house of Dracula!"

6.) Eva Green: "Stuck in neon nightmares not fit for the sane. Fashion this loud could give Bond a migraine! A profusion of confusion from toes to nose!"

5.) Kelly Clarkson: "Her heavenly voice soars above the rest... but those belly-baring bombs are hellish at best! She may be the queen of 'Pro-Active' – but that wardrobe looks downright radioactive!"

4.) Fergie: "Another style-free 'Fergie' in fashion's hall of shame? Yes, when it comes to couture chaos, guess it's all in a name!"

3.) Mary Kate Olsen: "YIKES! In layers of cut-rate kitsch, Mary Kate's look is hard to explain... she resembles a tattered toothpick-trapped in a hurricane!"

2.) Amy Winehouse: "Exploding beehives above…tacky polka-dots below... she's part 50's car-hop horror."

1.) Victoria Beckham: "Forget the fashion spice - wearing a skirt would suffice! In one skinny-mini monstrosity after another, pouty posh can really wreck-em."


AAWesome said...

Clearly, Mr. Blackwell and his listed are becoming rapidly extinct like the traditional record companies, as we know them now. Victoria Beckham is FASHION!!! No other celebrity is even a close second. And just to show you how outdated Mr. Blackwell and his list has become...he has named Beyonce at the # 1 best dressed celebrity of 2007...UM...YEAH...O..K! GET THE EFF OUTTA HERE BLACKWELL!!!

ilovetheblayreport said...

loooollllzzzzz! maybe we need to start launching mr. allen's list!?

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