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Thursday, February 21, 2008


the duo behind 6267: rimondi and aquilano. i have to say i've been checking out photos of them since they burst on the scene. it looks like throughout the years, their personal style has transformed, becoming slicker and more sophisticated with each successful season....

above are my favorite pieces from their latest collection. log on to to see the rest of the photos and a review of the pieces.

milan - so if you are a regular reader of the blay report, you know that 6267 designed by tommaso aquilano and roberto rimondi is a label we have an eye on. the debuted their fall '08 collection earlier this week. i definitely loved it. i thought the focus of the collection was strong, the look was consistent, and above all the craftsmanship and quality of the garments were superb. those looks could walk off the runway and into my closet any was more reserved in their review. sarah mower who reviewed the collection said, "These guys undoubtedly have talent, but, like so many other young designers, they need to articulate what they want to say in a voice of their own."

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