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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


this is why he's haute: mr. allen is impecabble when it comes to blending street inspired style with luxury labels. readers: can we get into the vuitton scarf and the SICK, oversized hermes birkin bag? insanity! this pic is a throwback to this past new york fashion week, where allen was showing fashionista's of evey race, gender and creed how to do it son.

worldwide - as i've written before, the fashion industry has a great number of people who know how to look fabulous and important but have no career (or at times, personality) to back it up. that's exactly why when i find genuine and genuinely fabulous people i scoop them up and make them friends. celebrity fashion stylist, alexander allen, is a perfect example. we met years ago when i was still at seventeen magazine. since then he's continued his stella career, styling everyone from actress, laura linney to pop-star beyonce to beauty industry legend, pat mcgrath.
the current, march issue of ebony, which prominently features allen. (

no wonder ebony magazine has labeled him a "fashion heavyweight champion" in its march issue. it's a title he's fought hard for, earned and deserves. pick up the march issue and check it out. also log on to alex's website,, to learn more about the amazing projects he has going on this year.

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